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Subscription Package — Customized Quarterly Reports

This subscription package encompasses ongoing participation in the service and includes:

  • 2 reports; Detailed & Analyst Report issued every 90 days, comparing your data against your chosen comparison group
  • 1 annual report issued approximately 10 weeks after the calendar year has ended, comparing your data against your chosen comparison group
  • Orientation webinar, user guide and one-on-one support from our knowledgeable metrics team
  • HR Metrics online community; collaborate & share with peers, access additional tools and other resources
  • Access to ad hoc support in collecting, sorting and presenting HR data
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Annual Reports

Not looking to participate on a continuing basis? You can still access comparative benchmark data with a one-time purchase of an annual report. The following reports are available:


  • All Sectors
  • Private Sectors (Business – privately & publicly owned, Cooperatives, Not-for-Profits)
  • Public sectors (Government, Institutions, Crown Corporations)
  • Credit Union Industry only
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These reports are based on a calendar year, however customized annual reports are available upon request.