Subscription Package

Member Participant Non-Member Participant
$1650/year $2400/year
$250 One-time setup fee $350 One-time setup fee
5% discount for 2 year sign-up / 10% discount for 3 year sign-up

Membership Requirement

Most senior member of HR function is a member in good standing of the applicable HR association for the duration of the agreement.

What you receive

Two types of reports (Detailed and Analyst Reports) per quarter which include:

  • your organization’s calculated metrics
  • comparator organization’s benchmarks based on the organization’s province(s) and sector(s) of your choice
  • one annual benchmark report for the comparison group of their choice
  • support and guidance from HR Metrics Service team
  • access to tools and resources


The participation fee is paid annually and covers four quarters of reporting.  For example, an organization that joins on February 15th submits data for Q1 when survey opens in April.  The subscription will be renewed on the anniversary quarter, Q1 of the following year.