Metrics We Measure

Our metrics are carefully chosen to give you the information you need to make data-driven decisions. There are over 150 metrics under 8 categories that you receive every 90 days. Choose any combination of metrics from any metric category. An *asterisk indicates suggested metrics that would be a core base for any organization. For further information on key metrics consult the Interpretation Guide. Use our metrics selection tool to select your metrics. Once you’ve chosen your metrics the selection tool lists the data points you need to gather and submit each quarter. For more information on the data definitions please reference our Standards & Glossary.


Revenue per FTE*
Profit per FTE*
Human Capital Return on Investment*
Absenteeism Rate
Total Average Direct Cost of Absenteeism per FTE
Overtime per Individual Contributor Headcount


Labour Cost per FTE*
Labour Cost Revenue Percent*
Labour Cost Expense Percent*
Benefits as Percentage of Labour Costs


Vacancy Rate*
NonPerm Vacancy Rate
Total Vacancy Rate (Non Perm & Perm)
90 Day Turnover Rate
Non Perm 90 Day Turnover Rate
Total 90 Day Turnover Rate
90 Day Resignation Rate
Non Perm 90 Day Resignation Rate
Total 90 Day Resignation Rate
90 Day Involuntary Turnover Rate
Non Perm 90 Involuntary Turnover Rate
Total 90 Day Involuntary Turnover Rate
1st Year Turnover Rate
Non Perm 1st Year Turnover Rate
Total 1st Year Turnover Rate
1st year Resignation Rate*
Non Perm 1st Resignation Rate
Total 1st Year Resignation Rate
1st Year Involuntary Turnover Rate
Non Perm 1st Year Involuntary Turnover Rate
Total 1st Year Involuntary Turnover Rate
External Hire Rate
External Hire Rate Executive Level
External Hire Rate Management Level
External Hire Rate Individual Contributor Level
Diversity Hire Ratio
Aboriginal Hire Ratio
Disability Hire Ratio
Visible Minority Hire Ratio
Female Hire Ratio
Under 25 Years Hire Ratio
25-29 Years Hire Ratio
30-34 Years Hire Ratio
35-39 Years Hire Ratio
40-44 Years Hire Ratio
45-49 Years Hire Ratio
50-54 Years Hire Ratio
55-59 Years Hire Ratio
60-64 Years Hire Ratio
65 Years or Older Hire Ratio
External Time-to-Fill
External Time-to-Fill Executive Level Positions
External Time-to-Fill Management Level Positions
External Time-to-Fill Individual Contributor Level Positions
External Cost per Hire
External Offer Acceptance Rate


Voluntary Turnover Rate*
Executive Voluntary Turnover Rate
Management Voluntary Turnover Rate
Individual Contributor Voluntary Turnover Rate
Cost of Voluntary Turnover*
Non Perm Cost of Voluntary Turnover
Total Cost of Voluntry Turnover
Involuntary Turnover Rate*
Executive Involuntary Turnover Rate
Management Involuntary Turnover Rate
Individual Contributor Involuntary Turnover Rate
Succession Planning Rate
Resignation Rate*
Non Perm Resignation Rate
Total Resignation Rate
Total Top Quartile Performer Resignation Rate
Total Bottom Quartile Performer Resignation Rate
First Two Years of Service Resignation Rate
Two to Three Years of Service Resignation Rate
Three to Five Years of Service Resignation Rate
Five to Ten Years of Service Resignation Rate
More than Ten Years of Service Resignation Rate
Under 25 years Resignation Rate
25-29 Years Resignation Rate
30-34 Years Resignation Rate
35-39 Years Resignation Rate
40-44 Years Resignation Rate
45-49 Years Resignation Rate
50-54 Years Resignation Rate
55-59 Years Resignation Rate
60-64 Years Resignation Rate
65 Years or Older Resignation Rate
Retirement Rate*
Total Retirement Rate
Average Retirement Age*

Labour Relations

Grievances as a % of Unionized Headcount
Grievances – Time to First Contact
Arbitrated Grievances as a % of Grievances Open
% of Grievances Closed
Union Percentage*

HR Efficiency

HR FTE Ratio*
Total HR FTE Ratio
HR Headcount Ratio*
Total HR Headcount Ratio
HR Costs per Employee*
Total HR Costs per Employee
HR Costs per FTE*
Total HR Costs per FTE
Total HR Costs as a % of overall Operating Costs
Total HR Costs as a % of overall Labour Costs
HR Turnover

Learning and Development

Learning & Development Investment per FTE
Learning & Development Cost Revenue Percentage
Learning & Development Cost Payroll Percentage
Learning & development Hours per FTE
Learning & Development FTE Ratio

Workforce Demographics

Promotion Rate*
Career Path Ratio
Non Perm Churnover
Total Churnover
Female Percent
Percentage Female at Executive Level
Percentage Female at Management Level
Percentage Female at Individual Contributor Level
Diversity Percentage (Visible Minorities, Aboriginal Persons, Disabled Persons)
Percentage Diversity at Executive Level
Percentage Diversity at Management Level
Percentage Diversity at Individual Contributor Level

Aboriginal Percent

Disability Percent

Visible Minority Percent
Management Span of Control
Average Age*
Non Perm Average Age
Total Average Age
Average Length of Service*
Part-time Percent
Total Headcount to FTE Ratio
Non Permanent Employee Percentage